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10 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Hair is one part of your body that you would want to flaunt. It is important to keep your hair healthy.

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The sign of hair includes:

  • Elasticity refers to the ability of your hair to be manipulated or stretched without breaking.
  • Strength. The strength of the hair makes it possible for you to style your hair without breaking.
  • Feels soft
  • Retains moisture. A balanced moisture or protein balanced regimen will work wonders on your hair ability in retaining moisture.
  • Little to no breakage. Breakage means that the hair does not have sufficient elasticity or have a lack of moisture.
  • Naturally shiny; a luster or shiny hair is the ability of the hair to reflect light. This, however, can be difficult to a certain type of hair. If you would like to check whether your hair has luster, you have to check it when it is in its natural state not when it contains certain products.

In order to be able to keep your hair healthy, underneath are the tips to keep your hair healthy:

1. Start from your scalp

If you are constantly scratching your head due to itchiness or dryness, and the drugstore shampoo is not helping then consider seeing a doctor. A chronic itch can traumatize your scalp. Avoid everyday shampoo because it contains zinc pyrythione and use products that have salicylic acid in its ingredients.  The reason for this is simple, your scalp is essential for your hair growth.

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2. Get regular hair cuts

Avoiding saloon is counterproductive to your hair’s health. You need to visit them often because if your hair ends are drying and splitting, then you are not getting the strength of your hair. Regular haircuts ensure minimal splits ends or breakage. It is recommended to have a trim at least every six to eight weeks.

3. Go natural

Sometimes the best way to keep your hair healthy is by keeping it natural. Your hair needs a rest from everything it endures during the week. Use the weekend to recuperate your hair. If possible, let your hair air dry, and avoid using heating products. To protect the roots, do not tie it or avoid using a ponytail.

4. Avoid the sun

Your hair, like your skin, needs protection from the sun, especially your scalp. Your hair does not protect your scalp from the harmful UV rays. Make sure to put SPF along your hairline to defend it from sun damage. You can also spritz your strands with a sun-shielding formula to keep your hair color vibrant and strands with a sun-shielding formula to keep your hair vibrant and strands moisturized.