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10 Top Fitness Tips for Beginners

Exercising is one of the simplest but most effective ways to keep yourself healthy. Soon after beginning to exercise regularly, you will start seeing the impact of it. It helps you achieve and maintain your body weight, maintain muscles’ mass, and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Additionally, exercising regularly has shown to be able to lift your mood, boost your mental health, and help you sleep better. It can also help you maintain a good energy level.

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However, if you are like most people, forming a habit of exercising takes a lot of determination and long term discipline. Deciding to be more active itself is an incredible step to cashing in all of the amazing benefits that we have mentioned above.

But things get complicated once you are resolved working out. Underneath are 10 top fitness tips for beginners:

1. Reason

The very first step before joining a gym is to identify your reasons. Its a 2W1H, Why are you adding fitness and wellness in your life now? What ways will your life be different when you have fitness in your life on a regular basis, and how are you going to include fitness in your lifestyle today? Once you know all of the answers to those questions, your mind will be ready.

2. Plan and realistic goals

The next thing that you need to do is to create a plan that includes attainable steps and goals. Start small with a 30-minute workout for a week to pace yourself. Schedule it in your life like how you would schedule an important meeting. The goal is to get you into the habit. After the first week, you can add another week to your goal.

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Or you can even do it backward. For example, if you have a goal of being able to finish a five-kilometer run, then start your days with attaining small parts of that goal, such as being able to run one kilometer per day for a week. You can add it once you have gotten the hang of it.

3. Be consistent

Another key component is to make it a part of your routine. It is easier for people to be able to maintain their exercise routine in the long term if they make it into a habit and do it regularly. It is also better for you to be consistent in doing it, rather putting a focus on the intensity of it.

4. Find friends

Motivation is what gets you started, however having friends, family or even a coworker that exercise with you will be able to help you maintain that habit. You can also form a support group with them to motivate each other when someone lapses from their exercises habit. More often than not, an exercise partner will be able to create motivation, as well as help you form healthy habits such as eating healthy, keeping yourself hydrated and so on.

Another tip that you need to remember is to not compare the result of your exercise with each other. If done wrong, it can serve as a denominator. Your goal is the progress not the perfection of it.