10 ways to stop Hair Loss

10 ways to stop Hair Loss

Seeing your shower drain clogged with hair? Seeing your bedroom floor scattered with falling strands of your hair? You may be experiencing an abnormal loss of hair.

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According to academic research, it is approximately out of more than a hundred thousand hairs on our scalp, fifty to a hundred strands fall every day.

More than fifty percent of men over the age of fifty have some form of hair loss. This is a gold mine for a lot of people, making an industry that reached $3,5 billion in market cap.

Here are the top ten ways to stopĀ  for hair loss:

1. Hair Cleansing

Cleansing our hair is one of the most essential part to prevent hair fall. However, it is necessary that you know and understands the type of hair that you have and its texture.

In general here are the rules of thumb:

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If you have dry hair, you only need to wash them twice a week. If you wash them too often, you might be stripping them the natural hairs.

If you hae an oily hair, wash your hair more often. This is to prevent your scalp from getting blocked and causing hair fall.

2. Your Diet

In order to prevent hair loss, you have to pay attention to your diet. Sometimes, hair loss is caused by vitamin or iron deficiency. Consuming protein is also good for your hair. Starts paying attention to your diet! The best diet to retain your hair is the lean protein that you can find in fish, lean meats, and soy which supports hair growth. Nuts and seeds that are packed with Vitamin E are also very good for your hair.

Consuming a lot of food that has Iron is also good for your hair, and it naturally prevents hair fall, such as eggs, berries, and spinach.

3. Careful Hair Styling

You have to realize that your hair is very sensitive, to a lot of things especially heat, resistance, chemicals. The next time you decide to get a new hair treatment, you may want to give it a thought. You need to be able to go the extra measure to take care of your hair and increase its level of maintenance as needed.