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5 Top Most Commonly Ask Questions about Male Enhancement

Male enhancement pills and advertisement are everywhere. We have seen it. They advertise an array of male enhancement tools, starting from pills, pumps, gels, and surgical methods. They all claim one thing, that they could increase the width and length of someone’s penis. Not only that, there are various of advertisement that claims they could increase sexual stamina or libido. But do they really work? And is there any side effect for them?

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These are five top questions that is commonly asked about male enhancement:

1.Does size matter?

There seemed to be a fear instilled in men that their penis too small or looks too small to satisfy their partner during sex. The fear is actually very common. Studies, however, have shown that men who think that their penis is too small are an actually normal-sized penis. The studies have also stated that many men have “exaggerated” their idea of normal-sized penis.

The normal size penis when erected it is about 13 cm (5 inches) or longer is a normal size. A penis is considered small when it is measured less than 3 inches when erect. This condition is called micropenis.

2. What are the top ways to increase the size of my penis?

There are a couple of techniques that are most commonly used when a male wanted to increase the length and width of his penis:

  • Jelqing

There is also some exercise that claimed to be able to increase the length of your penis. One of them is known as jelqing. It is a method in which involving hours and hours of stroking. A lot of men has suffered from Peyronie disease. Peyronie disease is a problem caused by scar tissue, that forms inside of the penis.

  • Male Enhancement Pills

There are a lot of male enhancement pills that are accessible easily. Basically, there is three types of male enhancement pills; prescription pills, non-prescription pills, and online enhancement pills. The one that you should be most suspicious about is the online enhancement pills. These pills, are not guaranteed by any health organization to have proper ingredients that would benefit you.           

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  • Pumps

Pumps are also available to increase the width of your penis. These tools work by stretching and pumping your genitalia to increase blood flow and cause a temporary increase in the size of the genitals. However, when it is used improperly,         these tools can cause tissue damage, which can lead to fewer firm erections to the penis.

  • Gel

The market is being hyped by one of the innovation to increase the length of someone’s penis, by using gel. These gels are applied to the penis and the skin would absorb the content of the gel before sexual activity. Like pills that are available, no one can vouch for these gels ingredients. The ingredients could potentially cause or trigger an allergic reaction to you or to your partner.

  • Medical Procedure

Another alternative is by getting surgery. This is done by severing the suspensory ligament that attached the penis to the pubic bone, and by moving the skin from the abdomen to the penile shaft. When the ligament is cut, the penis appears longer because it hangs down. However, by doing this, someone could risk the erect penis to be unstable.

3. What can cause erectile dysfunction?

Instead of turning blindly and trusting advertisement, men with a persistent concern should consult with their doctors. For a simple reason that it could be a signal of something more dangerous than not having enough stamina to satisfy your partner.

There are a couple of reasons for erectile dysfunction such as:

  • Heart disease

There is scientific evidence that a decrease in libido or sexual performance can be a red flag of a certain health condition. For example, erectile dysfunction may be an earlier predictor of heart disease.

  • Low testosterone

Another reason for the performance issue can be caused by a low level of testosterone. Testosterone deficiencies can affect mood and energy levels. A topical gel can be prescribed for such cases. However, nonprescription testosterone is still dangerous for health.