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7 Things that you SHOULD NOT DO when you are pregnant

Having the ability to conceive and give birth to a child is one of the best gifts from God himself. Holding those little feet and little body for the first time as a father or mother is one of the greatest feelings in this earth and nothing can replace that one single moment for holding your child for the first time. They are actually not so many hard and fast rules that is necessary to about what not to do during the time of pregnancy and also just from apart abstaining from any type of alcohol and drugs you have to also consider the continuous for most of the pregnancy life of the proper lifestyle that is necessary for the better health of your upcoming child.

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1. Do not eat raw meat and shellfish

Any type of uncooked seafood such as the lightly steamed Japanese fish dish or any type of sushi that includes oyster or mussels is strictly recommended to be avoided by you during the time of your pregnancy along with to avoid is that the real cooked or undercooked beef and any type of poultry consumable products as they can be easily contaminated with toxoplasmosis or salmonella.

2. Deli meat and smoked seafood

Deli meat it means that it can be contaminated with listeria list area and other types of bacteria that can cross the placenta inside your body is easy and have a severe infection over your developing baby as an infection in the uterus area could easily need to blood poisoning and also be lethal towards your baby. And also you have to avoid any type of smoked seafood such as jerky or Nova style 7 as there is a massive risk that this refrigerated or smoked seafood can be easily contaminated with such type of bacteria that you are going to be most vulnerable during your time of pregnancy.

3. Painting the nursery

While your preparing that nursery room for your child to have some quality time and happy time spent inside there are a lot of people that are more likely to paint a wonderful artistic and light-minded environment out of the walls. But there is no actual available way towards us so that we can measure the proper toxicity level from the actual exposure to paint so because of this the recommendation towards you is based on the likelihood of toxicity. The toxicity level of paint element depends on the individual solvents and all the chemical formulas that are used inside the page composer as well as the exposure and just because that you should never handle the painting job by yourself and probably find someone else to handle the painting and rather not to enter the room unless and until the paint has completely dried up.

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4. Caffeine

Despite the fact that caffeine is basically a stimulant and nutritious element but by drinking the usual few amounts of cups of coffee every day will usually increase your blood pressure and heart rate along with the numbers of the other trips that you make to the restroom. But as well as having excessive amount of blood pressure than the normal can be dangerous towards your child but also there is a fact that caffeine has the ability to cross the placenta and volume a function just like a little bit caffeinated your growing baby does not as that is because your baby’s metabolism is still developing.

5. Hot tub/sauna

If you are feeling pains during your pregnancy which is very pretty much, then the most relaxing feeling for you would be to be able to relax in a hot tub that also may seem ideal. but when you have an elevated level of body temperature is currently existing while you are in the period of pregnancy and even during the first trimester, can lead to birth defects. as the growing baby inside your uterus has not quite the ability to cope up with certain temperature change for an excessive level of changes between the highest and lowest temperature that it is living in

6. Don’t pick up

as the little baby is slowly growing inside your body and gradually gaining weight the total body balance of your physical structure is obviously going to change in a significant amount. not only because of the reason that while you lean forward or downwards to pick something out from the ground it is quite pressurizing on the baby but also there is a fact that as well your body weight is continuously changing and the centre of your weight is not at the usual centre that it should be you could easily tip over your front side down and cause serious damage towards the baby so it is in the best cause that you should probably call someone else nearby when you have to pick something up from the ground rather then you should try it yourself.

7. Washroom floor

Most of us have a common habit of using an extra pair of slippers while using the washroom. And in most cases, the washroom of our home is covered with other tiles or with marble. so it is very very important for you to have a proper check over the bottom of the sandals that you’re using insert your washroom along with the floor of the washroom has to be cleaned on a regular basis because not to be dirty but after water is continuously flowing over such type of surface it creates a slippery extra layer on the actual floor. And it is really lethal for you to drop off the floor. So in such type of situation when you are not sure whether the washroom has been cleaned or not then you should not have probably used that because it can be harmful towards both you and the little baby inside you.