7 Tips for Yoga Beginners

7 Tips for Yoga Beginners

These days, yoga is one of the most common exercises that everyone would want to do because many of the benefits that one can get from yoga.

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Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj that means to attach or join.  Yoga is essentially a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. The term of yoga in the western world refers to the modern form of hatha yoga, which utilizes yoga as an exercise. This exercise consists of various postures called asanas.

There is a lot of postural impact of yoga on physical and mental health. It has become one of the subjects that are most commonly studied. Yoga is truly a unique cultural heritage that is able to combine both the mental and health aspect of the body and exercising it together at one same moment.

Underneath are tips for yoga beginners:

1. Reason of wanting to do yoga

First and foremost is you have to decide on the reasons why you wanted to do yoga. There are a lot of reasons people usually wanted to get into yoga; religious practices, spiritual growth or to simply maintain good health. Each reason implies a different kind of practices and knowledge

2. Choose a beginner’s class or workshop

Next step that you have to do is to choose which class or workshop that you would like to participate in.

Most studios either offer a regular beginner’s yoga class or recurring beginners yoga workshop. It is advised to better take a few classes or at least one workshop before you plunge into the public classes or online classes.

These classes and workshop are designed to help you find the proper alignment in your body in most common poses and will also get you comfortable with the terms and names before you head to class.

3. Beginner’s trail pass

You can also opt fora beginner’s trail pass. A lot of yoga studios have a beginner trial pass. These passes are usually unlimited to one or two-week-long passes that give you time to feel the studio, try out different teaches and even see whether you are suitable with the place or not.

4. Get the complete gear

Before you join a class, you should get yourself complete gear for yoga. This means sticky mats and comfortable clothes. Sticky mat is essential for beginners since beginners mostly have balance problems in the beginning. By using sticky matt, you will be able to avoid problems like muscle sprains and cramps. The basic outfit that you need is stretchy pants or legging and a top. Just ensure that your clothes are comfortable and allow for free movements.

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5. Breakfast

It is actually your personal preference whether you would like to have breakfast before you do your yoga or not. What you need to keep in mind is that yoga is actually a pretty intense workout. You can have light prior to breakfast before you start your yoga. This will ensure that you can make the most out of your classes.

If you are just going to have a pre-workout snack, you can probably do that 30 minutes beforehand; but you will have to wait for at least an hour or two before working out.

Hydration is also a key to a successful start in yoga. This is especially if you want to do a heated flow. You are advised to drink a full glass of water about two hours before class. In that way, you will be able to sweat it out and feel better in class. Make sure that you are also hydrated during a class. Bringing a water bottle with you will bring you no harm!

6. Poses

The period of time in which you have to hold your pose is dependable on the type of class that you take. If you take a slow flow class, then there are huge chances that you have to hold for your pose for an extended period of time. For most of the part, the poses are held anywhere from three to five breaths during the first round to help you sink them to your memory.

If you can’t do some of the poses, don’t stress! No one really expects you to master the pose within a day of joining the class. Your breath is the key to yoga.

Try to not compare yourself to the others yogi in the room. Each body is different, and it varies in its strength or weakness. Do not hesitate to ask for the instructor if you found any problem with your poses.

7. Research

There is a lot of free yoga material that you can access through the internet. The more you read or watch about the poses, the more that you will be able to know. Yoga, after all, is a complex discipline and needs a many-sided approach to it. The more you learn and research the more it will be beneficial for you.


Voila! That is the list that covers tips and tricks for any yoga beginner out there. If you are interested in doing yoga, you should follow the tricks that are mentioned above. Yoga is one of the disciplines that are able to combine the mental aspect and the physical aspect of the exercise. It is not easy to do yoga, and one has to persevere.

With a lot of styles that exists out there, do not worry if you are feeling that you did not pick a class because of certain reasons. There will be a style that fits you out there. At last, you also have to learn to be patient to yourself. To master yoga, you have to do more than one exercise and that consistently too. The more you practice the poses, the more likely you will be able to do it.